August 10, 2014

The Odd Fellows Hall

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Last Friday I had the opportunity to explore some unique space in the town of Franklin, a quaint little mill town in the lakes region of New Hampshire. The town is located at the confluence of the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee rivers, where they form the Merrimack River, which flows into my neck of the woods — the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. Fitting, I’d say.

The area is worth exploring more, but on this day, the shooting prize was what is left of the Odd Fellows Hall. It is located on the third floor (the top floor) of a downtown building. Sandwiched between this ghost of the past and a vacant storefront is a handful of small apartments. Our guide was a local entrepreneur who is in the process of rehabilitating many of the old mills in the hopes of bringing some industry, new culture and new blood into the town.

It is hard to describe the Hall, really. It clearly has not been occupied since the Odd Fellows’ days. The paint and woodwork appeared original, as is the electrical system. Yet it lacked an element of decay you might expect to see. It boasts the original ornate 19th century tin ceilings  and it even has a small theater.

Over the next few posts you’ll see several images from this place.  My goal in shooting it was to capture the stark simplicity of the place. All will be processed in the same manner — using a very simple preset from Nik AnalogEfex Pro2.  The compositions are simple and straightforward.

Today’s image: a shot from the hallway looking into a bathroom on the left, and what we believe was the main function hall on the right.

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