August 21, 2014

Rocky Mountain High

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It’s funny how you can sometimes see an image and not “see” it.

This image was shot in the spring of 2013 on my NXNW photography trip to Moab, Utah. The group of us stopped at a scenic overlook in Colorado to shoot the mountains. I don’t recall the exact Pass we were going through, but I’m sure my friends Justin Balog and Rick Louis can tell you exactly where it is.

It was a very brief stop, really. We were on a mission to shoot ghost towns and arches in Utah but the majestic snow covered peaks of the Rockies were too good to just drive past. Especially for those of us from the east where the mountains, tho much older, aren’t quite as cool and edgy. So we stopped.

The seven of us photo bloggers fell out of two vehicles, quickly set up our gear and snapped away. Within 20 minutes or so we were back in the cars and heading for Utah.

I didn’t forget about this first stop but I did overlook it, focussing instead on my shots from Arches NP, Dead Horse Point and the ghost town of Cisco.

Tonight I revisited these images and found this one.

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