November 12, 2014

NXNW 2014: The Bubbles

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Back to Acadia National Park and with a shot from the 2014 edition of NXNW Photo Blogger Jamboree!

I don’t think I would have taken this shot had I not seen my friend Rick Louie intensely photographing seagulls (or were they puffins?) taking flight off of Jordan Pond. When he showed me some of the shots on his LCD, I quickly became intrigued with the birds. But I didn’t want to take the same shots as Rick. Instead I went with a tight shot of The Bubbles with a few gulls in flight.

And speaking of Rick Louie, he is a great guy and a fantastic photographer. If you are interested in shooting in Colorado, you should make Rick your guide. He will help you make magic and keep you laughing!

Some tech info on this shot:

  • Olympus OM-D E-M1
  • 12-40mm Pro Lens at 40mm (80mm equiv)
  • f 13
  • 160th sec
  • Lightroom/Nik Silver Efex Pro 2
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  1. I was so fascinated watching them take off out of the water! Love the Puffins! Love this Bubbles shot up close. I wish I would have done more of that.