December 9, 2014

WE35: Eagle Lake

I have no idea where this WE35 project is going and I’m not quite sure how my work fits in yet. But I do know that it is fun. It not only has me thinking about what to shoot, but it also has me going back to older images to check the meta data to see what focal length I shot at for any particular image, especially when I had a zoom lens attached to my camera.

This image, for example was shot with my 12-40 zoom (24-80 eq). But at what focal length did I click the shutter? How did I finally “see” this scene?

It turns out I saw it at exactly 17mm (34mm eq) — the exact focal length of the lens I will be using going forward for this project: the Zuiko 17mm f1.8.

Yes, I know 34mm is not precisely 35mm.  But much as I love the idea of the precision of the Voigtlander 17.5 f/0.95 lens for micro four thirds, the 17mm will more than suffice.  

So, about the image … This is a shot of Eagle Lake in Acadia National Park, taken on the NXNW trip this past October. I was a little rushed in taking it. The rest of the crew was wrapping up and yelling at me — something about “beer” and “dinner” waiting for them. Whatever. I was busy.

I thought it was a good candidate for some dramatic black and white processing.


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