December 12, 2014

Shoot Local

In hindsight, trekking over wet, snow covered rocks and ground probably wasn’t the best idea. But Mike Tully and I made it in and made it out without falling into the raging Spicket River last night.

This little waterfall is located less than a mile from my house in Methuen, Massachusetts. It is a pretty cool place to shoot under the right conditions. This time of year the river would normally be low. The water over the dam would be no more than a trickle. But with the recent heavy rain we were treated to this epic rage.

After getting some initial shots from the base of the falls, I climbed up the bank through some wet thicket to get this shot.

The ambient light from the street lamps was more than enough to light the falls for long exposure shooting, but as Mike pointed out, it would be cool to do some light painting here with a big blue spotlight!

Or red. Maybe red.

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