January 13, 2015

WE35: Rodriguez Grocery

Things are getting real in this #WE35 project I’m involved in.

The Global Research Team received details from team-leader Justin Balog this afternoon. A year of a group of photographers focussed on the 35mm field of view promises to return some great images, some great photo stories and a whole lot of fun.

Without giving too much away, there will be specific group assignments and designated assignments on the PhotoFrontier site. Additionally, through the year there will also be research and reporting from individual team members’ sites. Like this one. Just random observations from dedicated WE35 scientists.

My personal WE35 project is to photograph the storefronts of Lawrence, MA. Not the big supermarkets, strip malls and chain stores necessarily, but the small mom and pop shops and restaurants that give the city it’s charm.  The project will, undoubtedly expand into the textile mills that are frequent subjects for me and it may expand to include storefronts in Lowell, Massachusetts, my childhood haunt.

Of course, I won’t be shooting exclusively WE35 stuff this year. But if my posts here or on social media reference #WE35, the shot is part of the project.

Want to read more about WE35 and meet the rest of the team? Don’t blame you. Just follow this link: http://www.thephotofrontier.com/35/.

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