February 2, 2015

Presidential: White Mountains

During my trip to the White Mountains a couple of weeks ago I got to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. And I almost missed it. 

It was the end of a long day of shooting when my sister, Anne Maguire and I stopped at Sugar Hill to check out the view for some potential sunset shooting. We were hungry and tired and by our first glance at the gray sky and flat mountainscape, it looked like there was to be no magic in the sky. Chocking it up to a scouting mission, we decided to return the next night and hope for better conditions.

We drove away and took a detour to check out the local landscape. Then we took a wrong turn that had us heading back up to Sugar Hill. Looking to the left, we caught a glimpse of a gorgeous pink glow on the side of the mountain. We booked it back to the vantage point of Sugar Hill to catch the light show — alpine glow, or alpenglow.

Sugar Hill provides a spectacular view of the White Mountains. In the distance to the north is the Presidential Range (or a portion of it) directly in front of you is Lafayette Mountain and Cannon Mountain. In the spring a field of lupines provides a beautiful foreground to the mountain vista (which I will finally experience this year).

Anyway, this shot is a portion of the Presidential Range (specifically, Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Clay and Mt. Washington) as seen from Sugar Hill through my long lens. Do yourself a favor and click on the button below to see a bigger version on my 500px page.

See it bigger!




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