February 18, 2015

WE35: Clock Tower

Things have been pretty busy for me, both personally and professionally, so I apologize for the lack of activity here.

To start with, the greater Boston area has been pummeled with snow over the past few weeks.  Four major snowstorms in four weeks. Over 100 inches of snow have fallen in some areas over that time. It has gotten to the point where checking the 5-day forecast has become an obsession. Between shoveling, dealing with ice dams, and juggling my work schedule I have had little time to do any shooting

I’m also in the process of preparing a presentation. I’ll be speaking at the Nevins Library in Methuen next Wednesday, February 25. The focus will be on my mill photography but will touch on some of my other work as well. If you are in the area and wish to attend click here to register. It is free, registration is just to get a head count.

And speaking of the mills … Here is a relatively recent shot from the Stone Mill. I paid it a visit before Snow-mageddon hit. And I shot exclusively with my WE35 kit – continuing my research.


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