February 28, 2015

WE35 Contact Sheet

WE35February’s WE35 assignment was definitely a challenge for me. Our WE35 Overlords asked us to capture our world in 36 shots and combine them into a digital contact sheet. That’s 36 single shots, straight out of camera at a single ISO and no do-overs. It was a creative assignment designed to replace “click-check-delete” with “think-click-create.”

It was a throwback to film days when every click of the shutter took money out of your pocket — every frame had a cost associated to it. You had to think about every shot.

And I did think about every shot. So much so that I almost blew the assignment.  I thought about what to shoot and what not to shoot.  I overthought exposure compensation while shooting in one of the many blizzards that hit our area in February.  Then, more procrastination.

I brought my camera to work with me. Every day. Barely shot anything.

I grabbed a couple of shots of my grandson. Then, more procrastination.

As the month wound down, I felt pressure that I hadn’t felt since High School. You know the feeling … “I had the whole month to write a paper, it’s due tomorrow, and I’ve only written the outline!”

On my final day of shooting I grabbed some shots at the office, but shot nothing memorable.  Heading home for the night, I knew I had a few exposures to go, so I stopped in the center of town to “kill the roll.” That’s when I got my favorite shot of the month.

It’s a detail shot if a store in town that sells used records, CDs and magazines. A fitting shot, I think … my High School level anxiety, eased by rock and roll and pin-up girls!

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