March 29, 2015

Player Piano

My friend, Steven Perlmutter and I held another workshop at the Everett and Stone Mills this past Saturday — our fifth or sixth I think, but I’m not really counting. All I know is each one is more fun than the last. Our participants are always enthusiastic about shooting the mills and eager to soak in whatever nuggets of photographic wisdom Steven and I can share. We make no claim to be experts in photography or post processing. We often learn as much from the people who come to the mills as they do from us.

What makes the workshops so much fun is seeing people get lost in the buildings. Not literally, of course, but creatively. We are fortunate to have the trust and support of Everett Mills Properties and the Lawrence History Center. We, in turn, proudly support them as well.

When we aren’t acting as tour guides, helping people compose or teaching post processing at the workshops, Steven and I try to get some shooting in. Today’s image is one I grabbed on Saturday.

This player piano is stored on the sixth floor of Everett.

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