March 30, 2015

WE35: Stone Mill Day and Night

The March assignment for my year long WE35 challenge was to explore the concept of day and night. One photo taken during the day and one at night. Separately, they had to stand on their own, but together they had to convey greater meaning. Or something like that. The assignment left a lot to interpretation. And I definitely struggled with it.

In the end, I decided to go back and photograph the Stone Mill. It is such a unique place to photograph. It’s mood changes with the weather and especially with each passing hour of the day. It is as compelling a subject at night as it is during the day. And I wanted to show that. I hope I’ve succeeded.

At night on the third floor of the Stone Mill the vapor lights illuminating the mill yard shroud the entire floor in a ghostly glow:
Stone Mill, Night

In the dark attic during the day the sun finds it’s way in through the small skylights that line the roof:
Stone Mill, Day

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