April 7, 2015

Gaetan Demers

Thought I’d revisit Demers Fine Watch and Clock Repair today. The original post contained only a handful of the images I got of Gaetan and his very unique and very fine watch repair shop.

This shot is one of my personal favorites. It show’s Gaetan in his watch repair shop taking a call from a customer. That section of the shop is separated from the main clock repair shop by curtains and a short narrow hallway.

This morning I paid a visit to Gaetan to show him the full set of images from that morning’s shoot and to check on the Waltham Watch I left for him to repair and clean (it is still in the queue).

I’m happy to say that Gaetan loved the images. I’ll be giving him a set of them as a gift for his hospitality.

As I was leaving I commented on the ornate clock you see below. A piece of art, really — Big Ben, partially rendered with watch and small clock parts. It is a piece that he restored, replacing the actual clock element.

Then he gave it to me. It looks pretty good in my office!

Thank you, Gaetan!

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  1. Way to go Geatan. ,,,keep up to good work ,,, love you Brother

  2. Super job capturing all these photos , I always knew Gaetan was very talented , Gaetan can do pretty much anything he puts his mind to , I’ve known him for a long time , he,s my younger brother . Great job .

    1. Dad’s talents come from his heart and this can be seen by his contagious smile.

  3. Oh wow, Bob, this is just wonderful! A very powerful image indeed, my friend! I love the b&w processing you used to create it, very dramatic. And what a wonderful gift, that is an AMAZING timepiece!!

  4. Very nice photos . Way to go Gaetan, very talented man in many many ways , wood carving, music, and his job as a watch repairman . Congrat brother love ya lot.