May 18, 2015

Accidental Art #2

This edition of “Accidental Art” features the above image of my mother (Dotty) in all her swimming glory — swimsuit, inner tube, life jacket and bathing cap. It was taken by my father (I’m sure) in the early 60s on Lake Webb in Maine during our annual summer vacation. It is another image that was grabbed quickly with little thought but great results. The back story (according to my mother) is that we were out on the boat (thus the life jacket) and she jumped into the lake when we got close to shore.

Whatever the story, it was the perfect image to use on the invitation to my mother’s 80th birthday party which was held this past weekend and was a tremendous success! Dotty was surprised by a contingent of cousins from both sides of the family, some family friends her brother (and last remaining sibling) Ray, and brother-in-law Bill. It was especially good to see Ray and Bill, considering their age (both in their 80s) and health issues. Needless to say, Dotty was thrilled!

I was enjoying the day too much to do any serious photography, but I did manage to grab a couple of shots. Below is my favorite: My mother’s “Certificate of Authenticity,” part of her gift from my niece (seen in the background).

The other highlight of the day was a video presentation of old 8mm family videos. The old films were transferred to VHS tape about 25 years ago. To make them usable in this digital age, I went out and bought a VCR player, some hardware and software to pull them onto my computer, then sifted through the footage to put together a few short, entertaining videos to music.

A couple of the videos were sentimental, focussing on our immediate family and family vacations. One of them included footage of our extended family from various gatherings and a couple of them were just fun. And funny. Below is one of the fun ones. The most fun, actually. It focusses on some wild New Year’s Eve parties from the late 50s and early 60s.


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