June 10, 2015


The other day I took a drive to Hampton, New Hampshire to take a few shots for my friends at Smuttynose Brewing. One of the shots was a staff photo. Their entire staff, including remote sales staff were in town for meetings, so it was a rare opportunity to have everyone together. The shoot went OK, although assembling 100 or so people for a group shot — even an informal shot — was not exactly easy. Never mind the fact that the skies were threatening rain!

But that is not this shot. Obviously.

As I was leaving the brewery I thought the threatening late afternoon skies might translate into some interesting shooting opportunities on the coast. So instead of heading directly home I hit Route 1 along the shore looking for light.

I found it.

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  1. Nice shot Bob. Always fun when you come upon an illusive rainbow. I was hoping to find one in Ireland but that never happened. The leprechauns were not working with me. Thanks for sharing.