June 14, 2015

White Mountain Rain

I spent the weekend in the White Mountains. My main reason for the trip was to photograph the Lupines at Sugar Hill. Lupines are bloom in the spring and, although I think thy are more of a ween than a flower, they make a great photographic subject. And a popular one.

I got to Sugar Hill at sunset on Friday and immediately met another photographer who was there for the same reason. And that was just the start. I’ll have more details about that aspect of the weekend when I post some of the images. But for now there is this.

Friday was a lupine bust. The area was socked in with clouds, the light was flat and it was starting to rain. So I turned my lens to the horizon and the sky. The clouds were drab in color, but interesting in texture. They were also high enough to allow views to Mt Washington.

This was shot with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the 40-150mm Pro lens at 100mm (that’s 200mm in full frame terms).

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