June 17, 2015

The Moose Rack: a WE35 Report

Meet Cecile Moerloos, owner and proprietor of The Moose Rack, a unique shop of treasures and collectables located on Rte 112 in Woodsville, New Hampshire.

I stopped in to visit Cecile at the request of my friend and Cecile’s brother, Gaetan Demers. You may remember Gaetan from the series I did at his watch repair shop in Lawrence, MA. It turns out that Gaetan and Cecile share more than a bloodline. Both are extremely talented and very passionate about what they do.

Gaetan pours his passion into repairing fine time pieces and playing guitar while Cecile is a gifted artist. She paints in watercolors and oils, does quilting, electrical work and carpentry.

Yes, you read that right. Electrical and carpentry work. In fact, Cecile did the bulk of the work on the renovation of the log cabin and store she bought about a dozen years ago from the rough framing of the expansion (adding an additional 10 feet on two sides of the house) to the electrical work, to the tiled floor.

The Moose Rack itself is a wonderful little store that features Cecile’s watercolors, as well as photographs, paintings and crafts on consignment from area artists. Plus, a really cool room filled with memorabilia items dating back to the 1960s.

I spent a good hour at The Moose Rack chatting with Cecile and taking a few photos for my WE35 project. A few of my favorites are below.

If you are ever in the White Mountains and find yourself driving on Rte. 112 towards Bath, New Hampshire, be sure to stop in and visit Cecile. You can find The Moose Rack on Facebook. Be sure to give them a ‘Like’.

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  1. It looks like a really cool place. Just might put it on a place to visit this summer in one of our road trips.

  2. Bob, it was wonderful to meet you and your sister! Your photographs are just amazing!
    Hope to see you again soon!