June 21, 2015

A Concert Experience

I have to start this post by thanking my friend, Dennis Casey for the access. Dennis is the guitarist for Flogging Molly, the Irish punk band based out of Los Angeles. I met Dennis at the I Did The Grid Grid Road Race on Long Island a few weeks ago. You can read about The Grid race here. After a long conversation about running and music, Dennis offered to “hook me up” at their Boston show.

Of course that offer came at the end of a very long day, so I was not 100% sure if it would come to pass. But, as instructed, I texted Dennis about a week before the show and, true to his word, he put me on the list — which included a photo pass.

Now, having a pass to photograph the concert does not give you free reign. In fact, you are limited to shooting during the first three songs only. After that, you are ushered out of “the pit”. And you are not (technically) allowed to shoot from other parts of the venue after those three songs.

Three songs gives you a timeframe of, maybe, 15 minutes – probably more like 10-12 minutes. And in that short timeframe, you can easily blow through 300 frames. You are constantly tracking the action, framing shots, and shooting wildly.

The image above was one I managed to grab from my seat (illegally, I might add) during the final song before the finale. I like it because it shows the enthusiasm of the crowd and the band fully engaged — all seven members are playing their instruments and facing forward. Except for Dennis, who is hosting a Guinness and saluting the crowd (Cheers, Dennis!).

More images from the show are below, as well as a few shots of the other two acts, Gogol Bordello and Mariachi el Bronx.

Click on any thumbnail to view them big.

Flogging Molly


Dave King – lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bodhrán | Bridget Regan – fiddle, tin whistle, backing and lead vocals | Dennis Casey – guitar, vocals | Matt Hensley – accordion, concertina, vocals | Nathen Maxwell – bass guitar, vocals | Bob Schmidt – mandolin, banjo, vocals, George Schwindt – drums, percussion


All images, copyright © 2015, Lussier Photography. All Rights reserved.

If you wish to contact me about these images, or about my work in general, please use the contact form.

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