June 30, 2015

St Matthew’s Chapel

The Lupines have, undoubtedly, faded by now. But here is one more shot from my visit to The Lupine Festival at Sugar Hill, New Hampshire a couple of weeks back.

Technically speaking, this isn’t really from the Lupine Festival. The Lupine Festival is held about a quarter mile from on an expansive hilltop field that overlooks the White Mountains. The field features neatly mowed paths dotted with signs containing inspirational quotes from classic literature. The neatly mowed paths definitely help to provide access to the fast field of flowers. And the quotes are, I guess, kinda cool. If you are into that kind of thing.

This field doesn’t have literary quotes nor does it have neatly mowed paths. The paths it does have are from the trampled high grass from photographers looking to include St. Matthew’s Chapel in their images.

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