July 12, 2015


Tupelo Music Hall is a tiny little music hall with a pretty big reputation. Over the years hundreds of well known acts as well as up and coming artists have graced it’s tiny stage in rural Londonderry, New Hampshire. I have heard about it for years, but even though it is only 20 minutes from my home, I had never made the effort to catch a show there.

That changed on Thursday night when I attended one of their monthly (I think) Open Mic Nights at the request of my friend, Gaetan Demers, who was the Featured Artist that night and wanted some photographs and video of the event. Gaetan, in addition to being a gifted craftsman, is also a talented guitarist and country singer.

As Featured Artist, Gaetan (along with the very talented guitarist, Robbie Barton) performed a half hours set, while the other guest artists performed for about 10 minutes. And it was a great set. In their half hour set, Gaetan and Robbie played about ten classic country songs to a very receptive crowd.

As great as it was to see and photograph Gaetan, I also got see and photograph some terrific talent, including a blast from the past. One of the guests that night was Andy Pratt. You may remember Andy from his hit song from 1973, Avenging Annie.

A couple of images from the evening are below, as well as a video I produced in collaboration with my son, John Lussier.


Andy Pratt:

Andy Pratt

Gaetan and Robbie:

Gaetan Demers and Robbie BartonGaetan Demers

The Working Man (Video):

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