July 20, 2015

Malden Mills

It has been a while since I’ve posted an image from the mills. In fact it has been a while since I have shot at the mills. Actually, it feels like forever since I’ve shot ANYTHING. But I know that isn’t entirely true. It has really only been a couple of weeks since I’ve gotten any good use out of my camera. I do hope that doesn’t become a trend.

This is something I shot back in 2010 at the old Malden Mills mill yard in Lawrence. It was my “go-to” location. It was convenient to my house, had some great old buildings with interesting angles. It was always fun to shoot. But that was then.

Over the past couple of years the facility has been converted to apartment buildings and (I think) some retail space. The shell of the mills remains, albeit with more modern looking windows, but the interior (most of which I never got to photograph) has been completely gutted and transformed. Even the carpet of cobblestones has been replaced with hot top and some neatly groomed landscaping.

I prefer this look.

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