July 27, 2015

After the Storm

I have my son Ryan to thank for this shot. If it wasn’t for his phone call around 7:00 pm last Friday asking me to pick him up at work, I might not have ventured out the door.

It was pouring rain when he called and I was settling in at my computer with the music blasting and a cold IPA in hand when I got the call. I had no intention of leaving the house. But, being the somewhat decent, occasionally good dad that I am, I couldn’t make him walk home in the rain. I braved the deluge and hit the road.

Two minutes into the five minute drive, the rain started to let up and the sky began to clear. And I realized I left my camera at home.

By the time I picked Ryan up at work, Mother Nature was mocking me. The misty backlit rain looked like a lace curtain over the river. The clouds were alive with color as the wind swept them across the sky. The final insult was the rainbow arched across the sky as we approached home. At this point I expected a unicorn to jump in front of my car and flip me off.

I got home, dropped my son off, and defiantly grabbed my camera. I headed back to the river in time to catch the final act of the passing storm.

So thank you, Ryan, for getting me out the door. But next time, remind me to grab my camera on the way out.

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