September 16, 2015

The Hiker

I’ve been working on images from my family vacation in the White Mountains last month. Thought this one (among others) was worth sharing — a random hiker making her way along Franconia Ridge.

Based on the time stamp (10:15AM) and the terrain, my best guess is that the hiker is making her way from Little Haystack Mountain to Mt. Lincoln.

The Franconia Ridge Loop has been listed in National Geographic’s list of the top 20 best hikes in America and is arguably the best hike in New Hampshire for its views of the White Mountains.

I have a few more images from this hike to share. And there will be a movie! Yes, a movie. One of my hiking companions, my son John, shot video throughout the day. I’ll post it here when it is done.

Without a scenic reward (mountain view, waterfall, etc.) a hike is just a walk in the woods. This image speaks to the reward of hiking. This hiker is taking in the glory of the White Mountains.

The ridge line is an obvious leading line, and this spot was as good as any to take advantage of it. So as my hiking companions started up the trail to Mt Lincoln, I waited behind. I though one of the hikers coming up behind us could make a nice anchor element to complete the scene. This woman must have known exactly what I had in mind for the shot.

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