November 27, 2015


First of all, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Life has been a bit crazy of late, crushing my motivation to consistently get blog posts out. It’s not that I don’t have the material. September’s Colorado trip alone has yielded a solid batch of images that I want to share here, including of course, this one.

So here we go … the first day of my renewed effort to rejuvenate my blog and keep the images flowing.

We hit this spot on Last Dollar Road for our final sunrise shoot of the trip. We were there the night before for a gorgeous sunset and hoped the magic would return for the morning. Unfortunately we were met with another cloudless sky, but the morning light hugging the contour of the terrain more than made up for it.

The dominant mountain on the right is Mt. Wilson. To the left is Sunshine Mountain. The needle rock formation between them is Lizard Head.

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