December 22, 2015

2015 Year in Review

It’s that time of year again, folks: Time for me to compile a post of my favorite images from the past year! Not necessarily my “BEST” images or most “CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED” or “MOST POPULAR” images (he said in his best Chris Farley voice). These images represent some of my favorite moments in photography this past year, for any number of reasons … I may have broken out of my comfort zone, took advantage of an opportunity or two, worked with constraints, or just got lucky.

So I’ll start with the above image …

Sea Smoke

Speaking of comfort zone. I’m not a morning person, but in January my friends Mike Tully and Steve Perlmutter coerced me into joining them on a trip to the coast to photograph sea smoke — that misty fog that hovers above the ocean when the air temperature dips below that of the water. In this case the air temperature was about 10° below zero. As the sun rose above the clouds, illuminating the smoke, a lobster boat was heading out to sea. Perfect.

White Mountain Winter

I figured if I could get out in sub zero weather to photograph sea smoke, I could get out in 30° weather during the day. So I made a point to go to the White Mountains for a couple of weekends in January and February.

My efforts paid off. The frozen cascade at the Bath Covered Bridge in Bath, NH on the Ammonoosuc River and the alpenglow over Mt Washington are among my favorite images of the year.

Play Ball

I work only a few minutes from Boston. As it is, I pop into the city to shoot way too infrequently. And until this year I had never been to the Sky Walk on the top floor of the Prudential Building to shoot. This image was shot as part of my year long WE35 adventure. More on that later.


The Lupine Festival at Sugar Hill, NH in the White Mountains draws photographers from all over New England. Although I’ve known about it for years, this was the first year I made the effort to go. Glad I did. And I’ll be back.

Demers Fine Watch and Clock Repair

Gaetan Demers has been repairing fine watches and antique clocks for decades. In March I reached out to him and asked if I could photograph him in his shop. I did the shoot using one lens — my 17mm Olympus f/1.8 (equivalent to a ~35mm on my Olympus OM-D E-M1). It was part of a year long challenge initiated by my friends at The Photo Frontier. The idea was to limit your field of view to 35mm in an effort to expand your photographic vision.

Here are two from the shoot. You can see more images from this set here.

Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is among the premier running events in the world. As a marathon runner, it has been part of my life for over 20 years. And while my days of running the race are probably over, my days of photographing the race are just beginning. For the 2015 running I was lucky enough to shoot the race from one of the lead vehicles for race management. And while I have many shots of the lead runners, these two atmosphere shots are my favorites.

The top image shows the famed Wellesley Women — the deafeningly cheering college girls who raise the spirits of of the runners about halfway through the race.

The bottom image is a runner approaching the finish line on Boylston Street. The day was cold, wet and nasty. This guy felt it.

Flogging Molly

File this under “taking advantage of an opportunity.”

I met Dennis Casey, the guitarist for the band Flogging Molly, at an event on Long Island. After a meandering conversation about running and music we solidified plans for me to attend the band’s upcoming concert in Boston. Dennis was kind enough to issue for me an all-access pass and a photography pass. It was my first foray into concert photography. Great fun!

If you want to see more from the show, click this link.

Ayer Mill Clock Tower

Something would be seriously wrong if a mill image didn’t make my highlight reel.

Franconia Ridge

A summer vacation in the White Mountains with the family lead to an epic hike on the Franconia Ridge Loop. That’ of course, lead to some great opportunities for photographs. This was my favorite — a random hiker navigating the ridge.


My one major trip this year was to Colorado in September for my friend Rick Louie’s Colorado Fall Color Tour. It was four days of non-stop photography, laughs and fun. These are two of the many images I could have included in this collection.

Flow: Marine Corps Marathon

Another year, another trip to Washington DC to support Team Chris at the Marine Corps Marathon. While I did not run this year, I did spend a lot of time watching and shooting. This is my favorite shot from the race.

Nubble Light

A shot of Bubble Light at Cape Neddick, Maine. The Maine coast is so close, I must make the effort to shoot here more often.


And finally, my wife would kill me if I didn’t include a photo of our gorgeous grandson, Connor Thomas Lussier. This was taken in the summer. He actually has teeth now.

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  1. love it Bob! especially love that Colorado stuff and the Nubble lighthouse, wow! great year dude! FYI you made my list for 2015, which went live today – hopefully we can do that again my friend!

  2. Wonderful collection of images, Bob. Congratulations on another banner year of photography…the real kind.

  3. Fantastic collection, my man! I was thinking “Wow – Bob has such an amazing year that NxNW didn’t even make the cut!” – then I remembered 🙂 Let’s hope there are loads of Grand Tetons pictures in the mix next December.

    1. Author

      Thanks Scott! I’m still bummed that I missed the Palouse trop. But I am very much looking forward to Grand Tetons. Hope to see you there!