February 16, 2016

More Sea Smoke

It took a couple of days, but I think I am finally thawed out from Sunday morning’s arctic sea smoke adventure. Yes, it was bone chilling. Yes it was early. And yes, it was crazy. But it was also epic fun. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. What made it even sweeter, I found out that Sunday morning was the coldest in this area since 1957. How do you spell “badge of honor”?

So here is another shot of sea smoke and Thatcher Island in Rockport, MA, in case you hadn’t guessed. While it is similar to the image I posted on Sunday, I though it trumped it, so I wanted to get it out there.

It is one frame from about a hundred that I grabbed in about a 15 minute period. That was 15 minutes that seemed like an eternity, as I tried to fend off frostbite.

The scene was absolutely amazing. The wall of blue clouds provided a dramatic backdrop to the rising, constantly swirling sea smoke, which at times completely obscured the lighthouses on Thatcher Island.

To get a sense of scale, you should know that Thatcher Island is less than a mile from the shore. The twin lighthouses on the island are 45 feet high.

I am still going through the other images I got that day, so I am sure I will be posting more in the very near future.

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