April 17, 2016


Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon — one of my favorite days of the year. As you may know, after running the race 17 times (finishing 16) in 20 years, I “retired” a couple of years ago. Now in order to get my Boston Marathon fix, I volunteer my photography skills to race management.  My job this year is to photograph course logistics. I’ll be hanging out of a sunroof in one of the “precursor” vehicles taking shots of water stops, split clocks, barriers, etc. Nothing exciting, but very valuable to the course coordinator. The images I shot last year were pored over by the management team to identify problem spots and make adjustments for this year.

The precursor vehicles go out about 10 minutes before the elite women start the race. They serve a couple of purposes: they let everyone (security, police, volunteers, spectators, etc.) know that the runners are on their way and, more importantly, as the first eyes on the course they can see any issues on the course and report back to the vehicle leading the thousands of runners into Boston.

Last year I was in one of the trucks in front of the runners, where I was able to get some shots of the actual race. This year’s spot won’t afford me that opportunity, but it will get me into Boston a few minutes earlier where I will continue shooting.

Oh … about this image …
Yesterday I was in Boston to attend a meeting with the Boston Marathon Lead Vehicle Team. After the meeting I grabbed a quick bite then went to the Prudential Center Skywalk to shoot sunset over Boston.



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  1. I had no idea that you could get these kinds of shots from the Prudential. I assumed the glass would make things look bad, or is this a part with no glass?