June 9, 2016

“Roads are long…”

Roads are long; make them short with good company!Mehmet Murat ildan

I don’t really know who Mehmet Murat ildan is, but that quote seems appropriate for the NXNW trip to the Grand Tetons—Long days spent with good company go by very quickly.

We spent several days in the area driving long hours to photograph epic scenery and vibrant wildlife. We were deprived of sleep by pre-dawn wakeup calls for sunrise shoots and the late setting sun that begged for our time. We survived on adrenaline, caffeine, craft beer and laughter.

So over the next couple of weeks, or maybe several weeks, I’ll be publishing my favorite images from the trip here, along with stories behind the images. I’ll talk about the images themselves, some creativity stuff, a little gear info, maybe some trip anecdotes, etc.

This was taken during our last full day in the Tetons, after an afternoon of searching (successfully) for wildlife to photograph. As we drove past the scene, two of the guys in the car, Armando and Chris, who was driving, mentioned the “COOL SCENE” as we rounded the bend overlooking the mountains in the misty rain.

Not me. I was too busy ‘chimping’ … looking at my LCD screen to see what I got at the last stop. Anyway, the conditions were perfect for a good, moody photo.

Two or three miles later, Armando asked … er … strongly suggested … um … DEMANDED we turn around to get the shot. So Chris obliged. When I finally poked my head up and asked where we were going, Armando said, “You’ll thank me.”

So, thank you, Armando. Also thank you for kind words about my B&W work. I hope this lives up to expectations.

Exit question: Is there a 12 Step Program for ‘chimping’?

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  1. And you couldn’t have made that decision 2 miles earlier?! Great times! Nice shot!