June 13, 2016

Mountain Smokestacks

This was taken on one of the more memorable evening shoots on the NXNW trip. Not memorable because of the great photography that night (although there were some great shots taken) — memorable because of the absolute disaster it almost was.

We had a plan. Drive west, grab dinner, and shoot sunset. I searched Google Images and found a gorgeous scene from the Idaho side of the Tetons … a green pasture, a barn, and golden light reflecting off the mountains. I showed it to Rick. Rick said, “oh yeah, that’s my image. We’ll go there.” Done.

Or so we thought.

You see, a few years had passed since Rick took that gorgeous, bucolic sunset shot. But things changed in those years. Memories faded (Rick had trouble finding the exact location) and developments get developed (the pasture was peppered with new housing construction).

We quickly needed a Plan B. Another quick Google search returned a few other shots of the Tetons from the west which appeared to be taken close to where we were. We drove towards the mountains and the Idaho/Wyoming border. We followed a signs for a couple of state park canyon campgrounds. Recreational area, we thought must have good views!

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