June 18, 2016

Mormon Row

After sunrise, when the NXNW crew finished at T.A. Mouton’s barn, we made our way further down Mormon Row to photograph the remains of John Moulton homestead. With the sun rising higher, I decided to switch to monochrome mode on my Olympus Pen-F and put it to the test.

It’s not a feature that is unique to the Pen-F — most modern digital cameras allow you to see and shoot in B&W. Typically, the camera saves the B&W JPG file as well as the RAW file with all of the color data. The Pen-F allows you to do that, but also allows you to select a film simulation (I went with Tri-X) and to adjust the level of grain (medium for me, I think). You can also filter colors with the flip of a switch and rotation of a dial. I applied a red filter, to darken the cloudless sky.

So, I made my way down Mormon row, shooting hand-held, trying to capture the essence of the place in a handful of shots. And I am very happy with the results.

All of these images are presented straight out of camera (some minor cropping and rotation on a couple of images).

John Moulton House and shed

Corral and Tetons

John Moulon’s Barn

Barn Swallows

More Barn Swallows

And a few more

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  1. Damn Bob! These are really awesome! Great choice with the film emulation! LOVE the corral and Tetons shot!