June 20, 2016

Taggart Lake Dawn

Here is a shot from Taggart Lake at sunrise.

Taggart Lake was one of my favorite locations from the NXNW trip to the Tetons. Sure, the conditions could have been better. Some clouds in the sky could have added some drama and made it EPIC. But the reflections and overall mountain mood were wonderful.

The journey wasn’t bad either.

Taggart Lake sits about a mile and a half into the hills at the base of the Tetons. We had a 3:30 wakeup call so we could get to the trail head and hike to the lake before sunrise. We each hiked at our own pace, taking in the scenery and making mental notes about what we wanted to photograph on the way down (oddly enough, we all stopped at the same raging waterfall on the way back).

At the lake itself, we got there in plenty of time to scope out good compositions for sunrise then explored different compositions as the golden hour progressed.

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