June 22, 2016

Yellowstone Lake

This image of Yellowstone Lake was captured at around 6:30am. From Rick Louie’s moving car, if I recall correctly, as Rick and I were booking it to Hayden valley in search of wildlife. Hope you like it.

I have to give Rick a shout-out. He took the lead in planning the trip this year. He took us to all of the classic locations, Snake River Overlook, Schwabacher’s Landing, Oxbow Bend, Moulton Barn. But Rick went beyond that. He planned the pre-dawn hike to Taggart Lake and dragged me off-road in search of an area that overlooked the valley. (It took us two trips, but we finally found it.)

Rick’s efforts paid off. The trip was incredibly fun and productive. And it went by way too quickly.

If you want to experience the full Rick Louie host treatment, you should consider going on his Colorado Fall Color Tour — a fantastic photographic tour of some of Colorado’s most gorgeous scenery in the fall.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Bob! I love this area and love showing people who have never seen this amazing place! Glad it was a fun trip!