August 6, 2016

Schwabacher’s Landing Revisited

We spent two mornings photographing Schwabacher’s Landing, but it doesn’t feel like it was nearly enough. We could have easily visited this spot every morning we were in the Tetons and I would not have been bored. From the blue hour, through sunrise, through the golden hour, landscape shooting was a joy. When the “good light” started to fade, some of us turned to wildlife.

A few weeks ago I posted another image from this spot taken at about the same time. I prefer this wider view.

Below is a black and white image from the iconic spot at Schwabacher — the spot where photographers line up early to claim their spot. If you Google Schwabacher’s Landing you’ll find hundreds of images from this spot. I grabbed a quick shot from this spot well before dawn then moved on to find another location for sunrise.

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  1. That is a view I could happily stare at on a daily basis. An iconic sky line but the light will never be quite the same. Simply beautiful