August 23, 2016

Sugar Hill Revisited

I think I discovered something this past weekend. At least about myself. I sometimes succumb to “Shiny Object Syndrome” — the impulse to process and post the first image from a set that catches my eye. I’m not talking about Social Media posts from the field — I love those. I love seeing what my photography friends are doing in real time and I love the tease those posts provide. And I don’t think I do enough of that.

No, what I am talking about posting to my blog the first image (shiny object) from a set that catches my eye. Which is what I did this past weekend.

The shiny object in this case was the image I posted on Saturday (here, and below).

After the shoot at Sugar Hill I went through the images relatively quickly. I found that one and liked it. I processed it on my Macbook pro while still on vacation and did a quick blog post.

When I got home yesterday — a few days removed from the shoot — I uploaded everything to my desktop machine and went through the images with a more discerning eye. I found images I liked better. I processed images using my standard workflow.

I think both images have their merits and I think both are blog worthy, but I probably would have lead with the image above.

Your thoughts on Shiny Object Syndrome?

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  1. I totally hear you here, Bob, for sure. I have to admit, I had to spend time with both shots to fully appreciate all aspects of them… the top one has the slight preference for me in terms of the abstract nature of it, but that’s just preference… great photographs Bob!!