August 28, 2016

Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk

If you’ve been following this blog or know me from Facebook you know how much I love photographing the City of Lawrence, especially its glorious old textile mills. So I’m really thrilled to be hosting the first ever Lawrence, MA edition of Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk along with my Historic Mills Photography Workshops partner, Steven Perlmutter.

The Walk will be held on October 1 from 4:00 to 6:30pm.

This is a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels to photograph a little corner of History with a group of like-minded people.

We’ll start with a walk through the historic Stone Mill, then proceed down the North Canal, past the Pemberton and Duck Mills, to the Pacific Mill. We are timing the walk to coincide with sunset, hoping for some good color on the Merrimack River.

After the walk we’ll hit Salvatore’s Restaurant for some food and adult drinks.

See Scott Kelby’s website for more details and to sign up:

I hope you can join us!

Oh … and here are a couple of more images from the area we’ll be exploring:

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