September 2, 2016

The Fenway Experience: Welcome to Yawkey Way

I’m starting a new series today — The Fenway Experience. It is an attempt to illustrate the experience of taking in a Boston Red Sox game Fenway Park.

There is one rule here: All images will be shot through a field of view approximating the human eye — a single fixed local length of 35mm (17mm on my Olympus M43 camera). That means you will see no ultra-wide shots, no panoramas, no telephoto images.

The initial few images were captured this past Tuesday night when I went to a game with my son, John. I hope to take in one more game this season to continue this season, but I don’t make it to a game I will continue it next season. The series will end when I think I’ve completed the picture.

I will, of course, provide context around the images, starting with this one.

The main gates at Fenway sit on either end of Yawkey Way (named for late, long time previous owners). Before the game, the entire street takes on a carnival atmosphere with vendors and entertainers.

If you go, make sure your kid get a chance to play catch with the tall guy.

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