October 2, 2016

Old Sparky

Saturday afternoon I co-hosted (with my friend, Steven Perlmutter) the Lawrence, MA edition of Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. It is an annual event that mobilizes photographers from all over the world to get out and do photography. This year over 24,000 photographers were mobilized through over 1,000 photo walks around the world.

While every one was special, Steven and i like to think ours was extra special. We treated a dozen or so photographers to a two hour photo walk through the Stone Mill in Lawrence. And if that wasn’t special enough, on the same day, the Stone Mill also used as the set for an independent film. The scene they were shooting? An execution.

Before our photographers arrived, I visited the set on the fourth floor of the building to introduce myself to the director. I wanted to make sure we didn’t get in their way. As luck would have it, they would be wrapping up the shoot around the time we were starting the photo walk. The crew packed up the lights and cameras and most of the props. The only thing remaining was the electric chair.

The electric chair was a hit with our photo crew.

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