November 30, 2016

Somewhere in Utah

I really can’t make any excuses for not getting out to shoot over the past few weeks, but this late fall into early winter time of year has been something of a photography dead zone for me. The vibrant fall colors have faded into a gray, rainy gloom. I’m less motivated. But I’m planning to change that. I’m planning a couple of drives into Boston over the next few weeks, I’m looking at the calendar for opportunities to get back to the White Mountains and I’m also planning a winter trip to Acadia.

I am also putting on a mill workshop this weekend, so I may have some new Lawrence images soon.

Until I do have new images, I will be digging through my archives for some hidden gems. Like this one … A little something from the Moab Utah area, one of my favorite parts of the country. This was taken on the 2013 NXNW trip.

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