December 21, 2016

Looking back on 2016

I’ll start my year-end round up with the image you see above — our grandson, Connor! Connor is an amazing kid who is into Blue’s Clues, Thomas the Tank Engine, and (thankfully) being photographed by his grandfather! This was taken at his second birthday party back in September and, from a purely personal perspective, is my favorite image of the year.

For the rest of my year, keep scrolling and enjoy!

Sea Smoke

Back in February my friend Steven Perlmutter dragged me out on the coldest morning in half a century to photograph sea smoke. We hit Rockport Harbor before moving on to catch this amazing scene of Thacher Island. The 50 foot high twin lighthouses on the island were dwarfed by the pillars of steam rising up from the ocean. An amazing scene that was well worth the near frostbite!

Lawrence, MA

The city of Lawrence, MA and its iconic textile mills have been central to my growth as a photographer. That did not change 2016.

A clearing winter ice storm, a spring sunset over Essex Street and a portrait of me friend, Mark “Gray Man” Garbowski are among my favorites from Lawrence this year.

BAA Boston Marathon

Each year on Patriots Day I lend my services to The Boston Marathon’s Race Management to photograph the race course for logistics analysis. A boring job, really, but it gets me credentials that enable me to do some creative work around the finish line. Here are a couple of my favorites from the 2016 Boston Marathon.


A trip to Grand Teton National Park in June yielded some great images and, more importantly, great times. I am thrilled to have made so many great friends through the NXNW crew and the annual trips we take … in the name of art, of course.

This year found many of us in search of wildlife. Here is my American Bison image, and a grizzly bear munching on an elk calf breakfast.

Grand Teton Landscapes

A couple of landscape images from Grand Teton National Park: Top, a blue toned image of Oxbow Bend. Below that, Moulton Barn, the most photographed barn in the US. Finally, a view at Schwabacher Landing.

48 Stars

A short trip to Long Island, NY yielded this piece of Americana. As we drove past the house it caught my eye, so I doubled back to get the shot.

Team Chris and I Did The Grid

A couple of images from the I Did The Grid Road Race. Honoring the fallen.

The Fenway Experience

Three images from a new series, The Fenway Experience. I started it late in the baseball season, and will continue it through 2017. Hopefully the Red Sox will make it deep into the playoffs!

The White Mountains

Finally, a couple of autumn images from the White Mountains.

Thanks for looking !

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  1. Absolutely stunning pictures! Thank you for sharing. You have captured places and images that I can only dream of

  2. Fantastic work Bob! Excellent diversity in what you shot this year! Love the shot of Connor, the Grey Man portrait and that blue toned image from the Tetons!

  3. Great set Bob, even though I had to look at that damn Grizzly again 🙂