January 7, 2017

Day 7: Connor

For today’s shot, coming up with a subject was easy. We had our grandson Connor overnight last night. What wasn’t easy was pinning him down for a photo.

Connor is at the age where pinning him down for a photo is next to impossible. I managed to grab a couple of shots of him running between rooms. I liked the mood of this one the best.

So here it is, the 7th day of the new year and the 7th day of the project. So far I am enjoying it immensely. In fact, in just this first week I ran into two issues that could have ended the project early, yet still managed to capture and post a new image.

On Tuesday morning (Day 3) I underwent a medical procedure to probe my inner regions for potential cancer-causing thingies (I’m not a real Doctor, I just play one on this Blog). The results were negative. Nothing found, clean bill of health! Yippee! Yeah me!

On Thursday (Day 5) I got laid off!I fell victim to cutbacks at the company I worked at for 12 years (almost to the day!). It was a bit of a shock. It is more than a bit life changing, for sure. The results are TBD, but I am optimistic that good things are coming. One thing I am certain of — for the near-future at least, I will be able to easily carve out some time in my day to focus on photography!

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