January 10, 2017

Day 10: America’s Pawn Shop

Loan USA: America’s Pawn Shop … Every time I drive past this place I think about coming back to grab a photo. I finally did.

A note about this series and a new wrinkle:
This year, in addition to taking on this challenge, I am participating in The Photo Frontier’s “WE35” project. That is where you explore shooting at the 35mm focal length (that is roughly 17mm, with my M43 kit). Each month we are given a specific “Expedition” to execute at that focal length, but we are encouraged to reach beyond the monthly thing and file our own field reports. Since the first 10 days of my personal 365 project are all shot with my WE35 kit (Olympus Pen and 17mm 1.8 lens), I decided that I will try to continue with a daily WE35 image throughout the year.

This is going to be fun!

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A photo a day for an entire year?
That’s CRAZY!

Yes! That’s the goal! To publish here, on this blog, a new photograph, shot that day, on this blog right here!

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