May 29, 2017

Day 149: Minuteman Remembered

The men and women who volunteer to serve in the armed forces do so knowing full well that they may be called on to make the ultimate sacrifice. We remember and honor those who never came home from war on Memorial Day.

Out of this solemn holiday the tradition of placing small flags at the grave sites of deceased service veterans grown and flourished.

So when I was driving past the colonial era Center Cemetery in Shirley, MA and noticed the flags, I had to stop and grab a shot.

This flag leans on the gravestone of Captain Asa Holden. The inscription on his stone reads,
In memory of
Capt. Asa Holden
who died
23 June 1813
In the 84 year
of his age
The memory of the just is blessed

Captain Asa Holden was a Minuteman.

On April 19, 1775 Cpt Asa Holden, along with his fellow Shirley Militiamen, responded to the Lexington Alarm and to fight in the War for American Independence.

What is this, some kind of series?

Yes, it is! Throughout 2017 I’m attempting to take a new image every day and post it to this blog. Ambitious, I know. Success is not guaranteed, but I’ll give it my all. You can see all of the images below. Just click on a thumbnail and flip through them.

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