June 28, 2017

Long Point Lighthouse

Swallowtail Light wasn’t the only lighthouse that Steven Perlmutter and I had the pleasure to photograph last week. A short, free 30 minute ferry ride took us to White Head Island (population ~200).

We didn’t know what to expect. We looked at this as a side trip — a way to kill time between our morning shoot at Swallowtail and upcoming sunset at Dark Harbor.

On the ferry ride we met some local teens who were more than willing to tell us of the island’s highlights, including Long Point Lighthouse, located on the southern point of the island. The kids made it sound like it was a short walk. And it probably was for them. It turned out to be roughly a two mile walk, which seemed longer lugging all the photo gear. But it was well worth the walk.

Long Point Lighthouse is beautifully run down, and tremendously photogenic.

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