August 3, 2017

Wünsdorf: Lenin Statue

When I was researching things to photograph during my stay in Berlin I reached out to my friend Jacques Gude, who did a ton of urban exploration photography when he was living there a few years ago. Jacques put me in touch with Berlin photographer Luis dos Santos, who was kind enough to put together some suggestions. Actually, he went much further than that. He made arrangements to photograph several locations and even took three days out of work to play host. And he was a fantastic host!

One of the places on his list was Wünsdorf.

Wünsdorf is a military camp located about 25 miles from Berlin. It served the German Army, the Nazis, and the Soviet Union. In fact, it was the largest Soviet military compound outside of the USSR. At one point this facility housed over 75,000 Soviet men, women and children. In 1994, a few years after fall of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany the Soviets finally vacated the sprawling complex. It has been vacant ever since.

Luis and I spent a solid six hours exploring and photographing the complex. And we could have spent another six hours. I am still going through the images. Once I process them and edit down the set I will publish a gallery here. In the meantime, I’ll present some selected images as blog posts. This being the first.

Above is the statue of Vladimir Lenin, overlooking the vacant complex. Below is a view of Vlad through the second floor window.

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