April 7, 2018

St Agnes Church

The first official stop for me and Mike Criswell was St. Agnes Church. The rest of the crew arrived early and spent most of the day photographing the Cadillac Stamping Plant, which we revisited later in the weekend.

Anyway, St Agnes was just a shell when we visited, but there were enough details remaining to give us a hint of its former beauty.

In addition to being the first stop on our adventure, it also gave us our first confrontation with security. Well, almost. While we were inside, the security guard came by and parked right in front of where we had entered. He sat in his car for a good 15 minutes. We were convinced he was waiting for us to come out. We were very close to just exiting the church to face the consequences, when he got out of the car, urinated, got back in and drove away.


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