August 16, 2018

Clearing Storm

Here is a 7 frame panorama taken this week at Sugar Hill, NH — probably my favorite place to photograph the White Mountains.

When I am in the Whites, I usually stay in Woodstock, NH, just a few miles south of Franconia Notch. Sugar Hill is located just a few miles north of Franconia. So if the sky looks promising, I can hop in the car and be there within a half hour.

That's what happened on Tuesday. I spent the day with my family at a tourist attraction that thrilled my grandson, but left me longing to break away and hoot. When we got back to the condo late in the afternoon, I just couldn't settle in. The rain had stopped, the clouds started clearing and the sun came out. I thought the conditions for sunset were setting up nicely, so I bolted for Sugar Hill. I arrived a little late to catch the sun dancing off of the mountains, but timed it perfectly to catch this scene.

To do this image justice, you need to see it bigger, so click on the "Bigger is Better" button above.

If you do click, look beyond the gorgeous cloud bank over Mt Washington. There are two elements in the image that help give the scene some scale. On the lower right of the image look the road. That's Rte 3, the highway that cuts through Franconia Notch. Below it, closer to the bottom, is a house nestled on a hill below Sugar Hill.

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