January 5, 2019

Week 1: TD Garden | Zakim Bridge

To welcome in the new year, I’ve decided to take on a new photography challenge. Before I tell you what it is, I’ll tell you why. After posting a new image each day throughout 2017, I went into 2018 with the intent of posting somewhat consistently… maybe an image a week, at least three per month. But no, I got lazy. I was lucky if I posted a dozen images last year.

So I decided I needed a challenge — something to keep me focussed but not consume me like the image a day thing did. I also thought it would be good to focus on something that I really enjoy: black and white. But I didn’t want to restrict myself to shooting ONLY Black and white, so I decided to challenge myself to create and post on this blog ONE quality black and white image per week.

Aside from looking for more consistency in posting, I want to force myself to “see in black and white.” Meeting both of those goals will require me to get my ass and my camera out of the house and produce some images.

So welcome to the first image of a 52 image series.

This was captured following dinner with friends in Boston on Thursday night.

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