March 9, 2019

Week 10: Everett Mill Clock

I treated myself to a short photo walk through Lawrence this afternoon in an effort to get my weekly BW image. It was only a couple of hours past noon, so the sun was still pretty high in the sky, so the lighting was harsh. Plus, there were no clouds in the sky. So basically the conditions for photography were pretty horrible.

I like to call that a challenge.

My impromptu walking route took me past the Everett Mill, so I took a few moments to try and do something with with the clock that sits prominently atop the building. For my first comp attempt, I barely missed a falcon chasing its prey above the clock. I waited for a couple of minutes for the pair to return, but I figured I must have looked silly standing with my camera pointed towards the sky for so long. So I moved on to return to my car.

As I passed this bare tree on Essex Street, I thought its branches would make a nice frame for the clock.

Hope you like it!

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