August 17, 2019

Northern Presidential from Sugar Hill

When I am visit the White Mountains I typically stay in the Lincoln/Woodstock area. It is about an hour and a half from my home in Massachusetts, is close to the highway and within driving distance to many great spots in the Whites.

One of those great places is Sugar Hill, just a little North of Franconia Notch.

Sugar Hill offers beautiful views of Cannon Mountain, Mt. Lafayette, Franconia Ridge, and – far off in the distance – This view of Mt Washington and the Northern Presidential Range.

In fact, it Mt Washington is so far in the distance, you might miss it. Mt Sawhington is often shrouded in clouds, and if it is hazy, My Washington has a tendency to melt into the haze. And when it is clearly visible, you may want a long lens, depending on how prominent you want the Presidential Range in your image.

For this shot I used my Olympus 40-150mm Pro lens (that’s 80-300 in full-frame parlance) at about 70mm (140mm ff).

It is comprised of three images, stitched together. I wanted to include more of the ridge line on the right that leads into the Presidential Range, and more of the open valley to the left.

Be sure to click the “Bigger is Better” button to see it larger.

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