March 21, 2020

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Boy, it’s been a long time since I did a blog post! My year-end recap in December aside, it looks like my last post was in August! Hey cow! Since then, a lot has happened. I went to Canada with the intrepid NXNW crew, paid a visit to Gary, Indiana to photograph some abandoned schools and churches, started a new photo project, worked a lot, and sheltered in place during the Great WuhanChinaCoronaVirus Pandemic of 2020.

Actually, I’m still sheltering in place. Have been for about a week, and it looks like I will be for at least another week. Also, sheltering in place is an over-statement. Massachusetts isn’t one of the states that issued an order to stay indoors (except for food shopping and exercise), but that is essentially what I’ve been doing. I worked at home last week, leaving the house only to go running.

So I figured this Coronavirus isolation is a good time to resume blogging.

I have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of images to share… landscapes, urbex, even some portraits! I’ll start (or re-start) with the very latest.

This morning by buddy, Steve Perlmutter, decided to go out in public to Nubble Light at sunrise. Don’t worry — We took separate cars and maintained social distant distance from each other. Sunrise didn’t exactly cooperate (curse you, Sky Fire!), but we had a great morning.

This was my favorite image from Nubble. Hope you like it.

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  1. Fabulous shot, Bob! A keen eye and an interesting sky make for a wonderful image!