January 31, 2021


When I started this blog some 10+ years ago, I posted images regularly — probably 5 per week. My interest in photography had been recently reinvigorated and blogging was a great way to share my passion. I was inspired by the work of a lot of people like me (you know who you are). Many of the people who inspired me became friends; first virtually, then in person via our NXNW adventures. We promoted each others blogs on our own sites and shared each others posts on Social Media. Blogging was awesome!

Somewhere along the way, things flipped for me. This Blog took a back-seat to the convenience of Social Media. And gradually, I found Social Media was a curse. It became way easy to post an image directly to the InstaTwitterFaces of Social Media for a [“thumbs up” Emoji], a kind comment or a constructive critique. I was providing no context, no background — I was posting images just to post images.

Me: “Hey everyone, here is a cool image I took! [insert photo]”
Everyone: “Cool image! [“thumbs up” Emoji]”

— Any Social Media Post

I know, it isn’t all like that. There is often great engagement, encouragement, advice, etc. that comes along with posting to Social Media. But I started to feel like I had lost my mooring. I was adrift in a sea of “likes.” I decided to pull back and reassess my web-presence.

Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss.

— Pete Townsend

I’m going back to my roots. My primary focus (no pun intended) is shifting back from the immediacy of Social Media to this site. Going forward, this Blog is my photographic home. And, like any home, It needs care and maintenance.

As you can see, I’ve already redesigned the overall look and feel (well… still a work in progress). I’ve also taken some pages down, and I am going through my catalog to put forward my best/favorite work.

I also plan to do some time traveling… to go back and clean up old blog posts, possibly kill off some of them. Botton line is, I will be putting my best foot forward from here on out.

What won’t change is my propensity for egregious typographical errors, and biting sarcasm.

Welcome back and enjoy the ride!

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  1. Bob! Really happy to hear about the return of the Prodigal Photographer! I look forward to interesting images and the stories behind them in the days and weeks to come!

  2. It’s a good plan. I like engaging this way when I take the time to do so. Looking forward to your new/old posts Bob!

  3. I’ve been feeling much the same recently, namely that I’m more interesting in posting something every day than posting something with more background less often. Maybe I should rethink my posting strategy too? Regardless of what I end up doing, though, I’m looking forward to more Bob-based goodness for 2021.

  4. Looking forward to following you again!

    Hope you and Mike do some more Photo Walks once this Pandemic has settled down. Ed and I truly enjoyed to one to the Farm.